Monday, May 25, 2009

Pills, pills and more pills

Well the first thing the doc's usually do with a pheo patient is attempt to control your bp. However in these cases often bp isn't really affected by bp meds. I actually read that sometimes these meds can actually make your bp go higher. Perfect.

I started on labetalol 1oo mg 2 x/day. Now I take double that 3 x/day, plus another drug called terazosin which none of the pharmacies or nurses at the hospital had really heard of and is often prescribed for elderly people to make them pee. Excellent. Thats 5 pills a day. Perfect. And they don't really seem to help my blood pressure. Great. Oh and the real kicker..The one on the far right was specially ordered as its technically an "experimental drug", costs $7.20 a pill and only comes in 100 tablet packages, and I have to take it 2x/ the math people..oh and its not covered under normal health insurance. I'm attempting to determine if there is someway to get this drug covered though as expensive drugs and no job = crap. I'll keep you posted.

So I'm currently up to a solid 7 pills a day. To sum up the difference in pills well the 2 on the left are beta blockers and the one on the right called phenoxybenzamine hydrochloride is an alpha blocker. These meds are a must, especially prior to surgery. Specifically the $800 one. Apparently 30 yrs ago they had no idea how to control ones hormones and the surgery would be rather complicated. Today the surgery is still complicated but they at least have these meds which help to block the effects of the tumour on bp..a must for surgery where your bp can react to the poking and prodding of the tumour and increased/decreased hormone/adreniline production during far too much info yes? I'v been doing alot of reading what can i say.

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