Monday, May 25, 2009

The Pheo Timeline

1 Year ago:
I think it was a year ago or so when I first started feeling 'weird'. This 'weird' feeling was like a tingling in my hands and the occassional pounding heart kinda thing. Being new to the pounding heart scene I decided to see a doctor, and ended up with a take home ecg and echocardio graph, both which showed I was healthy. I continued having these symptoms every so often, and continued to see different doctors for the next 6 months. Diagnosis = stressed out. Just chill out they said.

6 months ago:
I tried running for the first time in 7 or so years (don't judge me). After I got past the initial shock of "when did I get this out of shape" feeling, I began to get a really intense headache. I mean I've had the worst of worst hang over headaches and this absolutely destroyed any previous headache I'd ever had. Needless to say I stopped running. 2 weeks later I decided to try again only to end up with a similar result. These headaches only laster for 10 or so minutes and I really didn' think much of them. However I went to the doctor anyways. Again... Diagnosis = stressed out. Just deal with your issues I was told and chill the f out.

Around 4 months ago:
these headaches began to accompany the pounding heart feeling on a somewhat regular sometimes multiple times a day and often in the middle of the night. Back to the doctor I went. Back to the Diagnosis = stressed. I decided to see a counsillor to deal with my stress.

Around 2 months ago:
I met with my councillor just one time and was told to see a doctor at my school (I'm in Uni) to ensure that all was indeed good and that I was just stressed. Luckily..I say luckily because I could have continued on thinking I was just stressed all this visit to the doctor was following my last week of classes where my symptoms really began to peak. Discovery = abnormally high blood pressure. Apparently during the other visits to el doctorio my bp was fine. Result = a wknd in the hospital where they have no idea whats wrong with me where my bp continued to go up and down dramatically.

Around 1 month ago:
I was referred to a high bp specialist where I pissed in a can for 24 hrs. Result = a random phone call on a friday night leaving a voice mail telling me I had a tumour! No other information..just that I had a tumour and that I should go to the hospital. Apparently I wasn't as stressed as I thought...well at least not until now. 5 days in the hospital later they had confirmed that I had a "Pheo" and that it was indeed on my adrenal gland (where their normally found). After multiple meetings with the bp specialist, $800 worth of medication, 3 other bp medications, and random tests,I finally met with the surgeon and booked a date to have this puppy removed (June 11th).

I'm leaving out a bunch of other things (basically this process has been really confusing and rather inefficient) as I'm a little lazy. Had I started this back in the day I would have told about all my experiences..for now I'm going to focus on what is happening/going to happen.

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