Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Pheo and the knife

Well after 4 long stressful weeks of anticipation and fear, the day finally came to remove "it". I've decided to call it "it" rather than "pheo" in hopes that I may never have to hear that name again.

I arrived to the hospital Thursday morning, promptly at 8:30 am, 2 hrs prior to the surgery start time.

Brody: "Hi there, Im here to have fist sized growth pulverized out of me for 10:00".

Nurse: "What did you do, stop for some gambling before you came in!!.. your 2 hrs late"!!

Brody: "Well, looks like I'll just head back to bed then"

Apparently they rescheduled the appt without confirming with the important parties involved: the Patient! However this ended up as a blessing in disguise. After shaving exactly half my body (I really think this was unnecessary..I mean they were only going to be making 3 small cuts in me, and now im left with shaved abs), they whisked me away to the pre op room. After a bludgeoned attempt at sticking an IV in my wrist which created a scene of spraying blood the nearly knocked my sister out, the second attempt finally connected. With no time to waste they shipped me right into the operating room, where I shimmied onto the table. Interesting scene I must say. Room full of people, all of who were introduced to me by the surg while I lie on the table being stuck full of needles. Before I new it they had a mask on my face and asked me to take some deep breathes..none of this counting backwards business, they were going strait for the action. And that about sums it up. Next I knew I was awake with a bunch of nurses humming and hawing all around me. I checked out my wounds..laproscopic which was good, checked out my catheter..and checked the took just under 3 hrs. Man was I hungry, thirsty and ready to go. I really didn't feel out of it at all.

Overall the actual surgery wasn't all that bad. The doctors were all cool and chelaxed and like I said even introduced me to everyone who would be working on me in the room, kinda like a Gray Anatomy might be even though I've never seen it.

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