Thursday, June 4, 2009

Art and the Pheo

Yesterday, June 3, I had my Pre Surg Admission Apt at Toronto General Hospital. With surgery being only a week away I suppose they want to make sure I know exactly what their going to do to me. In a way it felt good to know exactly what would happen even though I'll be out almost from the time I pass through the hospital door, what with me requesting "something for the stress" aka code word for dope me up please. What I found out is rather discerning but again thankfully I'll either be doped up or passed out. 1) A minimum of 4 tubes will protrude from various parts of my body during the surgery2) 2 of these tubes (one of which will extend from my johny and when taken out will feel like a sharp bee sting) will still be in me when I wake up 3) They remove the tumour by.. and I quote "pulverizing it". Apparently my request to attach the growth to a necklace post op will go unanswered.

The apt went well I must say. 4 different nurses visited me, each with specific tasks including the more common blood pressure, ecg, blood test.. and the less common armpit swab, nose swab, butt swab, and groin swab. At least the latter swab nurse seemed to find it a highly rewarding experience and found my uncomfortable jokes somewhat entertaining. Isn't it common curtesy to thank someone for swabbing you nose?

Oh so the title of this blog actually applies to the fact that 5 hrs worth of nurses and doctors later I decided to reward myself with a visit to the not so new anymore Toronto Art Gallery. Marvelling at the addition along dundas I happened to notice that looking down on me was room 1711 from Mount Sinia hospital, my previous venture in the not so pleasant hospital. I was glad that Toronto General was hidden behind it in the background and I was able to enjoy the moment leaving thoughts of my upcoming surgery behind.

On a random note I read today in the Star that Lebron James had a growth removed from his neck during a 5 hr operation. For some reason I found this comforting knowing that even the King has to deal with shit like this..cheezy i know.

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